January 20: All We Need To Know

Read Judges 13

Manoah wanted all the details of the son that was promised.

How shall we raise him? What shall we call him? Please tell us, what’s his mission in life? Why have you called him to Nazirite living? Set him apart for what cause?

But all the angel would say was what he’d already told Manoah’s wife.

Of all that I said to the woman let her be careful . . .  All that I commanded her let her observe. (v14)

All they really needed to know what that this child, this gift of God, had been chosen by God Himself for a set purpose.

So often we are just like Manoah.

We know what God has said, but we want more detail. More blanks filled in.

What college should I go to? What car should I buy? Should I name my child Alex or Dylan?

But all we really need to know is what God has told us already in His Word.

He has told you what He wants, and this is all it is: to be fair, just, merciful, and to walk humbly with your God. (Micah 6:8, TLB)

I get it, though. Manoah wanted more detail. What was his child destined for? What would God do through this child his wife would bear?

No doubt, Manoah would have cringed at the outcome, if he’d known all the details of Samson’s women and weakness.

But for now, he had all he needed.

You will have a son. He is to be set apart. Now trust.

God was going to take a barren womb and save His people from forty long years of misery and pain under the Philistines’ rule. What more did Manoah need?

A Nazirite from before conception, Samson would have power from God Himself. Set apart for dedication and strength and holiness for His people.

Aren’t we, God’s children, set apart too?

We may not be Nazirites whose births were foretold by the very Angel of God. We haven’t been called to avoid haircuts or wine per se.

But we have been set apart from before the creation of the world, for God’s pleasure and will. (See Ephesians 1.)

Set apart to do His work, whatever that may be. Like Manoah, we may not be privy to all the details of that work, but we know what God wants.

He wants our humble following. Our honest confession that He is the Lord and we are not. That we need His gift of Jesus.

He wants our whole hearts, in pursuit of His.

He wants us to trust that He has given us all we need. He holds the details. Just like He held Manoah’s son.


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