January 21: Broken for God’s Glory

Read Judges 14

So much about this story is hard for me to wrap my head around.

In all honesty, I don’t care for it. (Am I even allowed to say that?)

The man God had set apart even before conception. Set apart wholly from the kind of lifestyle of his people. No haircuts. No drinking wine. No coming into proximity with a dead body.

Samson had been given a Nazirite vow before he was more than an egg in his mother’s belly.

Yet in this chapter, we find Samson marrying a woman God had explicitly warned His people to steer clear of.

He not only comes in contact with a dead body, he eats honey from a lion’s carcass as it sits on the side of the road.

Then he angrily, hastily, kills thirty men because his wife betrayed him with the answer to a secret riddle.

Seriously, the story makes little sense to me.

Here’s what does make sense, though . . .

God had chosen Samson. But it seems Samson had not wholeheartedly chosen God.

See, God is sovereign, and His way is perfect. But mankind is broken, and each person has a free will.

So when Samson chose his Philistine wife, God made the most of it and eventually used Samson’s brokenness and sin for His own glory. Which meant routing His people’s enemies, the Philistines.

When Samson’s weakness for the beauty of his wife and his anger at her manipulation shows up, God uses that too. He uses it to get things started in conquering his enemies.

Still, it’s hard to swallow. That God could use such sin and weakness to accomplish His purpose and defeat His enemy.

If I let that sink in, though, let my mind truly toss it around, I can’t help but be thankful for such truth about my God.

Because of how many times He has taken my ill-will, my screw-ups, my sin, and turned them into glory for His name?

How many times has God taken my own brokenness and weakness and used it to show off Who he really is?

Like when He took my anxious heart that lived in the miserable turmoil of not trusting the One Who deserves all my trust, and He used it to show me His promises, His character. Then later He turned it into the words for a small book that points people to Him.

How has God taken your brokenness and used it for His glory?


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