January 25: Micah the Ephraimite

Read Judges 18

Apparently, Micah’s mistaking his own sin for God’s hand of blessing was contagious.

When the Danites stole Micah’s made-up temple, full of all the things he wanted to worship, Micah followed them and stood up for himself. He stood up for his whole family, in fact. But the Danites were bullies. So Micah let them be.

They bullied Micah and his family. Then they bullied their way into Laish and took the land they wanted. Just like that, the children of God got exactly what they wanted when they fought for it.

And the wicked, it seems, prospered greatly.

They got what they wanted. But not what God wanted for them.

I find it kind of strategic that the Israelite captivity is mentioned in this story of these Danite bullies who got everything they wanted. They succeeded in taking Micah’s made-up sanctuary, priest and all. Then they went on to bigger and better things. Namely, the land of Laish before they finally had a place to call home.

There are a few things I find super interesting about Micah’s encounter with the Danites.

First, although he had every right to be upset with them for stealing his stuff, Micah never called on the Lord God for help and justice on his behalf. Could it be because he finally realized that he’d been sinning all along?

Second, Micah was an Ephraimite. Remember all their whining in chapters eight and nine? He was a whiner by virtue of his name, so he definitely had it in him to complain about the injustice. Still, when he saw the Danites were too strong for him, “he turned and went back to his home” (v. 26). He didn’t whine or plead or fight for what he knew to be right.

This is pure speculation. But here’s what I wonder…

I wonder if Micah finally came to his senses. Did he finally quiet his self-made thoughts and plans enough to hear the soft whisper of Almighty God reminding Him of what He had required? All that He desired for him?

I have to wonder at God’s patience with Micah. His love for the man whose worship methods were heretical at best.

And it only leaves me to wonder at Almighty God’s patience and love for me too. Why would He choose little me? How can He be so ever-faithful? Almighty God is good beyond comprehension, faithful and patient and never-failing.


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