January 26: Beyond Wicked

Read Judges 19

If I could take a day off from writing through Judges, trust me when I say today would be that day.

I would probably write something like: Everyday With God is offline today due to complete ignorance and just plain filthy disgust from today’s reading in Judges 19. Please come back tomorrow when our regularly scheduled devotions will resume. Thank you.

But we would be seriously remiss if I were to skip this portion of Scripture, as horrible and nauseating as it is. Because it must be here for a reason. Otherwise God wouldn’t have included it in His infallible and complete Word that is the Bible.

So. There’s that.

I wish I knew what those men were thinking when they offered the virgin daughter and concubine to those horrible, abusive men. Actually, I’m glad I don’t know what they were thinking. I can’t even imagine. And the man was even a Levite. Part of the group of people God had set apart to spiritually lead the nation of Israel.

It’s a lot like the story in Genesis 19 when the men of the city wanted to “know” the two angels staying at Lot’s house. But Lot wouldn’t let them and offered his daughters instead.

I think this quote from the blog, Women in the Scriptures, presents an interesing theory.

The circumstances of Lot’s daughters and the story of the concubine in Judges 19 are pretty much the same, yet the outcome is completely different. The main difference between them is that Lot’s daughters were surrounded by righteous men who protected them and valued their worth. The concubine on the other hand was surrounded by men who were not willing to protect her and valued their safety above hers. 

Both instances leave me a bit nauseated, though. In each story — first in Genesis then in Judges, I cannot get over the idea that a father or a husband or even any human being might offer up a female — woman, young girl, wife, daughter, sister, friend, stranger — for the purpose of abuse.

It is wickedness beyond all comprehension.

I write that sentence out and wonder if maybe that’s why God wants us to know about it.

Does He want us to see how deep His children had fallen into wickedness? Does He long for us to know how important it is to follow Him and His ways faithfully, lest we end up just as disgusting?


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