January 28: Broken People, Faithful God

Read Judges 21

“In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes” (v. 25).

It’s a perfect summary for the weeks we have spent here in this book called Judges.

The story of God’s people breaking their promise to the one true God over and over and over again. Of evil men and desperate people, eager to follow their own hearts and forget the ways of God Almighty. But more than that, it’s the story of a God, the only true God, and His faithful love for His people as He keeps promise after promise after promise.

Judges tells the story of a people eagerly pursued by God Himself and their faithful God who simply would not stop pursuing. He would not cease to love them. Whether through chastisement and pain or through unbelievable strength endowment, the Lord God Almighty kept His promise to His people. The one true and faithful God kept His promise, no matter what, to His broken, tattered-by-sin people.

So as we come to that final sentence in Judges, we see what have become all too familiar words. “Everyone did what was right in his own eyes” (v. 25).

It’s really our story, too.

We are also broken people. We need God’s faithful love in the form of chastisement and pain just as much as the Israelites did. We need His mercy and strength just like they did. And He offers it to us, just like He did for them.

We might not be slaves to Philistines or stealing idols and priests from our cousins. But we deal with the same kinds of evil. We have the same choice to make. Will we turn to God and trust His way or not?

Our lives might not involve tent pegs through temples or sword handles stuck in extremely obese kings. But God still fights the battles and lets us live in victory. See, the book of Judges is about you and me right now. It’s about claiming what God has given us and living in His victory. In His strength. With His power. It’s about God’s always faithfulness even when we slip down that slope into our self-centered ways and stop trusting Him, stop loving Him with our whole hearts.

Indeed, it’s the beautiful story of the one faithful God showing Himself to broken people. Even us. May His truth penetrate our lives and make us live His way.


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