January 29: An Introduction to Matthew

Read Matthew 1

“This is the genealogy of Jesus the Messiah son of David, the son of Abraham . . .” (v. 1).

God had made the promise thousands of years earlier. Matthew traced Jesus’ family roots all the way back to the beginning of his people because God had made a promise, and now Matthew had seen it fulfilled.

Genesis 12:1-3 tells us of God’s offer to Abraham to enter into a relationship with Him on the basis of a promise. He introduced His mercy and undeserved blessing in exchange for Abraham’s faith. “I will bless you . . . and all the peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” The covenant was finally ratified three chapters later when “Abram believed the LORD, and He credited it to him as righteousness” (Gen. 15:6).

Since the beginning of Matthew’s people, they had been waiting for the promise. Even though Abraham didn’t live to see all people blessed through him, God saw to it that the deal was fulfilled. Now Matthew, the tax-collector-turned-Jesus-follower, watched it happen with his very own eyes.

After Abraham came Moses and the Law God gave to His people so they would know His character and realize their need for His mercy. Later, God’s promise to David would keep David’s descendants on the throne, a king forever from the line of David. Generation after generation of God’s people waiting for His promise.

Then silence fell. Four centuries of nothing but unfulfilled promises and all the peoples of the earth needing rescue from the only kind of living they knew, the dark kind without hope.

This is why Matthew wrote down Jesus’ family tree. It’s how we have this gospel account before us, the story of Jesus the Christ, the promise in flesh.

Jesus Christ had come. God Almighty had fulfilled His promise from lifetimes ago and had not missed one single detail. From Abraham and the promise to bless all peoples to David and the promise to establish his forever throne, God made sure every i was dotted and every t was crossed.

As we spend the next several reading through the Gospel of Matthew, this is what we pray you will find. May you find Jesus the Messiah through God the Faithful One. May you see promises fulfilled from Isaiah to Malachi. We pray you find freedom in the truth that Jesus the Messiah, Son of God, Son of David, has rescued even you, even me, women and men undeserving.

And in this, may each of us know Him more intimately, trust Him more fully and share Him more boldly than ever before.


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