February 14: Glorified Jesus

Read Matthew 17:1-27

I think that we all can agree that it’s tough being a Christian in the 21st century. A good amount of the non-believing generation cringes every time the word “Christian” is used and aggressively fights back when Jesus is shared with them. To be honest, there’s a certain extent to which I don’t blame them. As a whole, Christians haven’t done the best job of showing the world the true benefit of living a life for Christ. People compare the things that we say and do to their own life and don’t see that much of a difference. The constant tension is exhausting.

However, any Christian will tell you that it only gets better. When the trials of life surround us, we have something…someone to look forward to. As Christians, we should know that this tension will always be there. There will always be people who strongly disagree with your viewpoint and will oppose you until the end. As the world continues to become more hostile, we can look forward to our future with Christ.

Matthew 17 is around halfway through Jesus’ earthly ministry. He invites Peter and James to come to the top of a mountain with him. At the top, Jesus is transfigured in front of them. In other words, Jesus was full of heavenly glory, almost a glimpse of a resurrected body. At this point, Peter and James were given a reminder that all they are doing isn’t for nothing. We have something to look forward to and that is eternity with Jesus.

The trials of life may have their hold on you. You may find yourself questioning if this journey you have embarked on is truly worth it. Let me encourage you with this, one day all of the work for Jesus you have done will be worth it. You will be taken out of this world and will be standing in front of God, the very person that spoke the universe into being. The very person that, if you allow Him, will radically change your life is the One that is going to welcome you into eternity with open arms.

Life can be stressful. Working full time can be stressful. Being a single mom can be stressful. Being a light on your college campus can be stressful. Keep your head up. God has empowered you by His Spirit to change the world. Be Jesus to people. Be a light.

When you find yourself wondering if all this is worth it, read Matthew 17 as well as Revelation 1. Seeing Jesus is the goal. When you are standing in front of Him, all the struggles you have gone through will be worth it. You will be with God forever.


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