February 16: A Camel and a Needle

Read Matthew 19:1-30

If you get to really know me, one thing you will quickly find out is that I have a passion for video games. In that sense, I am very much a 24 year old guy. When I was in high school, I would play for hours a day no matter how much my parents pleaded with me to consider the more valuable aspects of life that I was missing out on.

Now that I am married, I have severely cut down the amount that I play in a week…I love you Kelly :). Obviously, there are more important things that should be taking up my time besides playing electronic games. However, when I get the time, I like to watch YouTube channels dedicated to gaming. This is actually a pretty popular thing the kids are doing now a day (not that I am one).

In the gaming community, there are clans which are basically friends that play video games and live in house all together. On top of having separate YouTube channels, most of them play competitively in tournaments for massive amounts of money (yes that is a thing). Most recently, Faze Clan made some waves when they moved from NY to LA. The headline is that they moved into a ~$8 million mansion! If you get a chance to see the sheer size of the house and everything in it, you will probably be tempted to sell all your possessions, win the lottery, and move to LA.

Recently, our church just finished a series about finances. In it, among other topics, we talked about wealth and how we should handle it. It is extremely important to know that having money isn’t bad! If God has blessed you with wealth, that’s awesome! The key is how you handle it. How do you allow it to influence you as a person?

Matthew 19 contains the story of Jesus’ interaction with a rich young ruler. The man comes to Jesus and asks what He must do to inherit eternal life. Jesus responds by saying he must keep the commandments of the Bible. Having done this since he was a boy, he asks what else is needed. Jesus already knew of this man’s love for wealth. When told to sell all that he had, the man could not because he was so attached to it.

Jesus responds to his disciples by saying that it is easier for camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich person to inherit the kingdom of God. The principle is that when you allow wealth to consume you, nothing else is important. However, when you allow Jesus to be in control of not only your life, but your finances as well, He can do incredible things through you! Are you willing to do what it takes to make Jesus known? How can you leverage your finances to honor Him and build the Kingdom of Heaven?


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