February 22: When will Jesus come? Part 2

Read Matthew 24:42-25:46

Recently, friends of ours noticed that some of the furniture on an enclosed sun room on the back of their house was tipped over. They have some younger children, so it wasn’t out of the question that one of them had wandered out there and left things in disarray. But they also have a video camera fixed on the sliding glass doors leading from the main house to the sun room. After reviewing the footage, they discovered that a man had attempted to break into their house at midday. The man was brave…but our friends were ready with locked doors and a rolling camera.

The break-in of a thief is but one of several illustrations Jesus uses to help us to understand how critical it is that we are prepared for His return. If you remember from yesterday, Jesus had just given His disciples some of the signs that will be associated with His coming. Now, in this final portion of His “Olivet Discourse,” He warns listeners then and readers like you today of the importance of being ready.

We should prepare for His coming…

  • The way a homeowner considers the potential of a break-in (24:42-44). The thief never calls to make an appointment!
  • The way that a slave cares for a master’s household and treats his fellow slaves kindly as he anticipates the master’s return (24:45-51). The slave may justify bad actions with the expectation that the return is yet distant, when it really isn’t!
  • The way that bridesmaids anticipate the coming of a groom (25:1-13). Weddings didn’t include a “save the date” announcement at that time. The groom could come anytime and the wedding party had to be ready.
  • The way a faithful servant uses the resources entrusted to him/her until the master returns (25:14-30). There is an accounting that the servant should anticipate.
  • By treating others the way they would treat Christ (25:31-46). This sheep/goat judgment looks beyond words to actions.

Before I pose a closing question, let me remind you that believers are anticipating first His return in the air at the rapture. The return spoken of in these chapters will happen years later as believers return with Christ to the earth. The question introduced by the above illustrations is still valid: Are you ready? Do you have a relationship with God through Christ? As a Christ follower, are you living your life in a way that pleases Him?


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