February 25: Matthew’s Choice, Your Choice

Read Matthew 28:1-20

As soon as Jesus called him, Matthew followed. Then he threw a party and invited his friends to come and meet Jesus, the Messiah who’d saved him. Because Matthew knew he had met the King he and his people had been promised through the prophets of long ago. He left everything to follow the Messiah they’d been waiting for.

His burden for his people to know Jesus the Messiah shines through all 28 chapters of Matthew’s gospel account. He wrote it for his own people in order to “proclaim the words and works of Jesus Christ so (they) could make an intelligent decision about Him.” (Talk Thru the Bible, p. 309)

And now here we are, approximately 2,000 years later, reading his account with the very same decision bearing down on us.

Will you believe that Jesus is the Messiah, King of all, sent from God the Father to save us?

The one they had tortured, flogged, mocked and hung on a cross in the middle of their capitol city killed death and left it in the grave. His body had laid there for three days. The King on whom Matthew’s own people had turned was now alive, walking and breathing and appearing in their midst.

Jesus was King over all. Even death itself.

Jesus is King over all.

Do you believe it? Will you let Him be your true Lord?

Jesus Christ took death to the cross and left it in the grave with its clothes and all. No doubt, Matthew’s history informed his re-telling of the day Jesus arose.

That He would have first given to women the task of reporting His victory to His disciples is something Matthew would have noticed. For he’d been looked down upon and disregarded by his own people just like the women of that day were.

Matthew was a sinner whom the King had noticed that day he stood in his tax-collecting booth. A guy whose government job was to rob his people of their hard-earned money. He was the kind no religious leader of that day would associate with. But Jesus chose him. And he followed.

Maybe you’re not sitting in your thieving tax-collecting booth like Matthew, but Jesus is calling you to follow Him too. Follow His way. He wants to be your Lord. He is the Promised One from ages past and the Lord of Life forevermore.

Let Him be yours and follow Him.



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