February 26: Big and Little. Opening Thoughts.

Read 1 Kings 18:16-19:18

Our study this week is not about “the power of positive thinking.” You have heard that idea before, right? Many outside of Christ proclaim the so called “benefits” of not allowing negative thoughts to dominate brain space and think time. Well, that is not the bottom line on where we are headed. Instead, our reading over these next several days will focus on our need to think biblically and truthfully.

Elijah portrays this all-important need for us. His story is an amazing one. God had used him and provided for him in incredible ways. Through Elijah’s prayer, a drought came over the land. God miraculously provided for him through ravens and through a widow. The Lord used Elijah to heal a dead boy and to humble pagan idol worshipers. Clearly, Elijah had an anointing from God and was used in unique ways.

But he was not perfect. His thoughts led him down unhealthy paths. That’s a good reminder to all of us. None of us is immune to the danger of wrong thinking. For Elijah, it seems that both opposition and exhaustion led him to two inaccurate thoughts:

  1. “Life isn’t worth living!” It doesn’t seem that he was suicidal, but he wished that God would take His life.
  2. “I am all alone!” He felt like he was the only one who really cared about God and the nation of Israel.

Of course, if you read the story, you know that neither thought was accurate. Elijah’s life was of incredible value, and there were 7000 others like him who had not compromised their faith.

Elijah’s thoughts, you see, were his attempt to process and interpret his experiences and observations. Your thoughts are like that too. While there may be no question about the reality of your experience or observation, how you process it is not always accurate. In other words, the thoughts you have about yourself, your situation, your life, others around you may not be correct.

Elijah needed to have his thoughts challenged. He needed a truthful assessment of his situation.

You do too! Why not start this week by acknowledging the fact that just because you have a thought does not mean it is valid? Why not start this study by acknowledging that you do well to examine what you think and why you think it?


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