February 28: Capture Your Thoughts

Read 2 Corinthians 10:1-5

If you have ever been on the receiving end of opposition and false accusations, you know how intense the emotions (and the battle) can be. That is exactly where Paul found himself as he wrote 2 Corinthians. False apostles had infiltrated the ranks of the Corinthians believers and were trying to discredit Paul. They argued that he was not a true apostle of Christ.

In his own defense, Paul refused to engage in a carnal battle with weapons and fists. Instead, he recognized that there was something more significant at stake than even his own reputation. The real war was not being waged against people with worldly weapons. It was not a war focused on the destruction of a block and mortar fortress of some kind. No, this war focused on invisible strongholds comprised of thoughts, arguments, and human reasoning that opposed God and the people who know Him.

Friends, the enemy’s tactics are subtle. His opposition to the things of God is not always manifested in the obvious, visible realm. He can also attack biblical truth and those who seek to follow God on the thought level. It is no wonder, then, that Paul found it necessary to destroy those rational strongholds and to “take captive every thought.”

This is important to note: Not every thought you have or hear is a valid one. Each one should be captured, wrestled to the ground, and evaluated through the lens of biblical truth. If obedience to Christ is your goal, you must have a healthy sense of skepticism that is not content to just accept every thought hook, line, and sinker. You and I need biblical discernment. We must have a grasp of God’s truth that enables us to identify those things that are inconsistent with it.

We are told that experts identify counterfeit currency as a result of their familiarity with real bills. If you know what the real thing looks like, you will be able to point out the phony. Similarly, your awareness of thoughts that are contrary to God, His word, His will, and His ways will become more keenly developed as you immerse yourself in the word of God.

Take your thoughts captive today!


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