March 1: Body and Mind

Read Romans 12:1, 2

Sacrifice your body and renew your mind!

Indeed, both of those have a price tag attached. Sacrifice requires surrendering something of value. And renewal? That requires an overhaul of what currently is. But that’s okay. The price tag you pay is nothing when compared to the mercy He has extended.

You see, you were a sinner, one disobedient to God. You were distant from your Creator. And, unless you are a blood-born descendant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, you were not a direct heir of the Old Testament covenants, law, or promises. Your family tree does not trace its way back to the Messianic lineage. But, as a Jesus-follower, you were shown mercy. Your branch was grafted into the family tree. Your sin was dealt with on Calvary’s tree. Through His mercy, you, as a follower of Jesus, will not experience the punishment you deserve. Through His grace, you receive forgiveness, family status, hope, and heaven.

Don’t lose sight of that mercy. Don’t take that grace for granted. Let it sink deeply into the core of your being. Let them prompt you to the sacrifice of your body and to the renewal of your mind.

The sacrifice of your body is unlike that of the lambs and rams of the Old Testament. He does not require that your blood is shed because His already was. He does not require that you die. But, then again, He does. Your old self was crucified with Christ. You must consider yourself dead to self and alive to God. Your body, once ruled by sin, is now to be an instrument of righteousness. Your body, once characterized by impurity, is now to be defined by holiness.

And the mind renewal does require a daily overhaul. Old patterns of thinking must change. Your thoughts are now to be centered not on the earthly and temporal, but on the heavenly and eternal. You must discipline your thinking to focus on the true, the honorable, the right, the pure, and the lovely. You must train your mental focus on reputable, excellent, and praiseworthy things.

Indeed, the sacrifice of body and renewal of mind are not small demands, but they are reasonable when you understand what you have in Christ.


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