March 10: One Little Step

Read Joshua 3

The land was theirs to be had. There was just one thing — they were on the wrong side of the Jordan River. And it stood at flood level.

The Israelites had heard the land belonged to them. The Land of Promise was theirs for the taking. Their lives were about to change forever. God had promised. And when God makes a promise, it’s as good as done. Still, the fact remained that they had yet to set foot on that land. But someone had to take the first step. The choice to step out in trust was really all that stood between the Israelites and the Promised Land.

The Israelites knew exactly what to expect, but when it came time to put feet to their faith, I have to wonder how it felt. Were they afraid?

They didn’t know how long that heaped-up water wall would hold. Did moms and dads regret not enrolling little Levi in swimming lessons last summer? Did the women lay awake that night thinking through the logistics of getting each one of their children safely across the flood-level Jordan in time?

Sure, they knew “the LORD (would) do amazing things among (them)” when they set out to cross the river, but did the lack of details frighten them?

Maybe you can relate. God has called you to follow Him. He’s given you instructions in His Word and support to help you do what He asks. Still, there are so many unknowns. The particulars are not spelled out, and maybe that’s scary for you. That one small step, the choice to nurture the habit of trust, stands between where you are now and the life God has for you.

Here’s the thing about the Israelites: the miracle didn’t happen until they took that small step into the water. They didn’t get to see the miraculous hand of God hold back the water until they actually stepped into the river. Those first few steps were probably among the most courageous those men ever took.

What miracles might you be missing for lack of courage to trust that God will provide what you need to do the things He asks? It takes courage to believe that He will use us to bring honor to His name. But if we don’t take those first few steps, we just might miss the miracle that He’s waiting to unleash.