March 11: One Little Habit

Read Psalm 119:1-32

I recently saw something suggesting that if I were to read one hour a day in any chosen field, it would make me an international expert on that subject. It got me thinking. What if my “chosen field” were the Bible? What if every one of us chose to read the Bible for one hour a day? Would that make us international experts on the Word of God?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Would it change our world? Without a doubt.

In Psalm 119, we find a man who knew the Word of God so well, all he could do was boast of its amazingness. All he could do was claim the power of God’s Word for his life.

“(G)ive me life according to your word! (S)trengthen me according to your word!” (vv. 25, 28).

It’s how he could proclaim, “My hope is in your rules” (v43). And “(Y)our promise gives me life” (v50).

The Word of God changes the reader so he sees the things of life as they really are – God’s sovereign provision and way. It changes reactions. The Word of God brings not just understanding, but wisdom. It doesn’t just clarify our purpose, it transforms it. It not only sharpens discernment, it delivers wisdom.

God’s thoughts divinely, supernaturally revealed, His Word is active and useful for big stuff and little. The daily grind and the life-changing choices. Daily time with God’s Word is essential for real life. Not just because it’s what “good Christians” do, but because it’s how God works, how He leads, how He directs.

Read through Psalm 119 and wonder at the excitement of the Psalmist. His enthusiasm for the Law. (And really that is what he had at the time – the Law! Not even the Psalms or the Gospels or any of Paul’s letters were considered Scripture at that time.) It’s impossible to miss the delight this man had for the Word of God.

His delight wasn’t just because he was awesome or extra-spiritual. In fact, I believe the Psalmist yearned for God’s Word so truly because he knew how much he needed it and how it really served to bring life to his living. I believe he knew how much he needed it because of the time he spent studying it. Because of the every day choices he made to spend time learning and living God’s Word.

Those are the choices we have before us as well. We can spend regular time learning His Word, studying it, knowing Him now so that one day we can say with the Psalmist, “My soul is consumed with longing for your rules at all times” (v20).