March 12: Small Choice, Great Harvest

Read Proverbs 20

Friday nights were our undeclared, unofficial family movie night when our kids were little. Every week, my youngest daughter and I would visit the library and find a video all of us could watch, and possibly even enjoy together.

So when my kids’ friend showed up at the back door asking to play, I assumed he would not stay long. As I prepared for the evening, I dreamt of lounging around in my pj’s, eating warmed-up leftovers in front of a new-to-us Disney movie.

As dinnertime drew near, however, the friend remained. And as my desire to send him home grew stronger, his delight in the warmth of our home became increasingly apparent. So I stated it was dinnertime, expecting him to actually hear, “It’s time for you to go home.”

He apparently heard something entirely different. His reply: “Oh good, I’m hungry!”

Looking to my husband as an obvious ally, my eyes spoke clearly of my disdain for the idea. He didn’t hear them. (My eyes, that is.) So he said, “Good idea, why doesn’t he stay for dinner?”

I wish I could say that by the time dinner was ready, I was excited to plant a seed in this boy for who’s family I had prayed for almost two years. One small choice to share dinner might have served one great big purpose in the life of this young boy.

God’s plan had me reading through Proverbs 20 later that evening.

 “If you are too lazy to plow in the right season, you will have no food at the harvest” (v4, NLT).

The hard truth is, when we make small choices to practice habits of hospitality, to plant seeds of love we will reap a harvest.

The small choice to invite a neighbor to dinner led seeds being planted in him and in each one of my daughters that evening. Seeds of Jesus’ love and how He shares it. Seeds of welcoming and warm hospitality that says, you are welcome here anytime. And when you’re here, you will always feel loved.

What seeds do your small choices plant? Do they have the potential of reaping a harvest, or are they more likely to lead to tumbleweed growth that blows away at the first breath of harvest-time?