March 13: Small Steps With God

Read Galatians 5

They are fourteen words that lead to every next small step.

“Since we live by the Spirit let us keep in step with the Spirit” (v25).

A mile is not a mile but for the 5,280 steps (or more if you’re short like me). A marathon is not a marathon but for the 138,435 steps it takes to get to that finish line. A life lived in the Spirit is not that but for the tiny steps of trust. One after the other. One small choice to follow His way followed by another. Then another.

And that is the walking.

But how do we know where He wants us to step? The answer is right there in verse 25. The Greek word translated “keep in step” comes from the same word that means to walk in cadence. As in, keep up with the group by stepping. Can you hear the army soldiers as they step to the beat they are calling out?

Left — Left — Left – Right – Left —

So we keep up with the Spirit as He calls out the cadence for our lives and for our walk. It sounds like small steps in the form of little choices. The choice to read the Bible with your children before turning on the television for the evening. The decision to succumb to the little voice that tells you to mention Jesus to the clerk at Walmart when she wonders at your honesty. The choice to smile at that driver who just sped up to cut right in front of you before the lane ended instead of yelling loudly and gesturing extremely.

Each one is a small choice. Every choice one tiny step. But step after step turns into a walk. That’s the thing about walking. It’s just a bunch of steps. So when the Holy Spirit nudges with that small voice, and we take that step, we learn to hear His cadence.

And we keep in step.