March 15: Seeking Jesus as a Habit

Read Luke 10:38-42 and John 12:1-8

Three times we read about her in the Gospels. Mary, the one who’s sister knows how to host a good party and who’s brother died and then came out of the grave when Jesus called.

The first time we find her, she’s ignoring her sister’s scrambling to get dinner on the table and the centerpieces all perfectly centered, probably ready to light the candles. All the while Mary is sitting at Jesus’ feet soaking in His awesomeness, enamored, I imagine, with all that He is.

The next time it’s not so joyful. In fact, it’s downright horrible. Mary’s brother has died even though she and her sister had given Jesus plenty of time to come and heal him. They’d sent word and told Him their brother was sick because they knew He could heal him from whatever sickness knocked him down.

She refuses to go and see Him when He finally arrives. But when she hears that Jesus has asked for her, she takes off running, weeping, falling. And she lands at Jesus’ feet before we read the shortest verse in all the Word of God.

“Jesus wept” (Jn. 11:35).

The third time we find this same Mary in Scripture, you might guess where she is. Crashing her brother’s I-was-dead-and-I’m-alive-again-because-of-Jesus party, Mary enters the house with the most expensive thing she owns – perfume that cost what might amount to around $44,000 today – and she pours it all over Jesus. His feet, in particular. Then she takes her long beautiful hair, and she wipes Jesus’ feet.

In fact, every time we read about Mary, she is at Jesus’ feet.

You might call it a habit, this being at Jesus’ feet thing. A habit formed out of pure and utter adoration. You see, Mary knew Jesus, loved Him so deeply that everything in her wanted only to know Him more.

She knew His love, saw His life, experienced His healing. She’d known His friendship and companionship, His acceptance and His sense of humor. Mary knew Jesus so well that she would have spent every waking moment in search of more of Him.

Her love for Jesus was the basis for her habit of seeking God. Have made seeking Him your habit? Do you love Him like Mary did, willing to do whatever it takes to find more of Him?