March 16: The Habit of Servanthood

Read Luke 8

I have this thing with shopping carts. Every time I see one outside its corral in a parking, I face a self-imposed dilemma of sorts. Should I help out the future drivers who will enter this parking lot, or should I leave it for someone else to put away? Somehow in my mind it’s become a symbol of servanthood for me. As if that’s where the habit of servanthood is nurtured. In the small, unnoticed choices.

The truth is, the habit of servanthood grows when we choose to serve Jesus even when nobody notices. It’s the tiny choices like moving a shopping cart to its rightful place. Like the choice Jesus made to look a woman, shamed and bloody, straight in the eye and speak peace, bring healing. Like the decision Jesus made to follow Jairus to his daughter. It led to her new life, as well as to that woman’s healing.

Even His decision to cross the lake in the face of a storm furthered Jesus’ ministry of service. That crossing alone brought whole new levels of understanding and peace to the disciples. It also gave a chance for an entirely new life for the man called Legion because of the many demons who tormented him and gave an entire city the opportunity to hear the Good News about Him.

Each choice led to big impact. Each time, Jesus chose to serve because that was what He came to do.

He came to serve the woman whose hurt ran deep, the disciples whose faith would one day spread the Good News of the Gospel from Jerusalem to Samaria and then the whole world, the man they used to call Legion whose wholeness and sanity spoke of Jesus compassion and healing and led to the whole city hearing it.

We have the same kinds of choices to make every day as well. The choice to serve as Jesus did, to love and trust and know He is using us, or the decision to go our own way, ignore His nudges and serve ourselves.

What choices will you make today that will impact tomorrow? Next year? Eternity?