March 18: Big and Small Opportunities

Read Luke 10:1-24

For the past few weeks we’ve been focusing on the truth that small choices can make big impact. As we end our journey, we turn our attention to Luke 10.

It begins with a monumental day in the lives of the disciples and the ministry of Jesus.  This day was one towards which the Lord had been looking from the time He had chosen the disciples. He had chosen them, you see, not only to spend time with them, but also that He might “. . . send them out to preach and to have authority to drive out demons” (Mk. 3:14, 15 NIV). Their commissioning for ministry had always been part of His plan. In many ways, it was for this day that He had prepared them. He had long modeled what they were about to do. And so, with some last minute instruction, He sent them out two by two.

You too have been chosen with a purpose. God has selected you with good works of ministry in mind (Eph. 2:10). And when you choose to respond to even the smallest of those opportunities you can expect two of the same results experienced by those He sent out in Luke 10.

  1. Your small choice to obey and follow Him in ministry can bless others. As the disciples returned, they reported of how demons had departed from people, who had once been plagued by these tormenting spirits (v. 17b). Many people walked in freedom as a result of their obedience. Lives of men and women were transformed because of their efforts. When you become a conduit through which God works others are helped!
  1. Your choice to follow Jesus in ministry can strengthen your joy and faith in Him! The seventy returned with a sense of happy marvel at the idea that they had been used. They had experienced the reality of God working through them and it thrilled them. The pivotal circumstances that enabled them to serve Christ touched a faith nerve in them that could not be fully sensitized by theory or verbal instruction. And the same can happen for you. You will find an obedient response to even the seemingly small opportunities God affords you to be a key catalyst to growing your faith.

What is one small way you can choose to follow Him into an opportunity He’s given you?