March 21: Excuses, Excuses!

Read Exodus 3:1-15 and 4:1-17

Like a high-speed chase, God pursued Moses while Moses threw obstacles at Him, trying to get God off his tail. Not to be thwarted, God rammed right through each one. Maybe you’ve thrown similar obstacles . . .

First, Moses threw the obstacle of the Israelites’ disbelief.

When God turned his staff into a serpent, Moses ran. But it wasn’t just the serpent Moses was afraid of. That snake represented all the power of God and all that Moses had tried to hide from when he ran away those years before.

God’s call on Moses’ life meant he would have to face people who neither liked him nor respected him. Moses ran from the staff-turned-serpent like he ran from the heroic desires he’d known in his heart that day he killed the unjust Egyptian.

But now God was calling him back to the dream of freeing his people. God called Moses straight into the thing he feared. He understood Moses’ timidity. He’d seen Moses run away. He was the One who’d put the dream in his heart in the first place.

When Moses finally turned around and grabbed that scary serpent, God miraculously turned his object of fear into an object Moses would use to lead his people out of bondage and into life.

 So Moses threw down the next obstacle for God.

“Oh my Lord, I am not eloquent. I am slow of speech and of tongue” (v. 10).

Apparently Moses had a speech impediment of sorts. Maybe he stuttered. Or had a lisp. But God blew right through that one too. He basically told Moses,  I’m the One doing the talking. You’re just my mouthpiece. I’m the One in charge.”

Still Moses tried to thwart the plan with one last obstacle.

That’s when the LORD’s anger started to burn. This time, Moses said, “Oh, my Lord, please send someone else” (v. 13).

So many times when we look at what God asks of us, we see unscalable mountains. He asks you to share Jesus with your boss. Or show love to a grumpy neighbor who might not accept the gesture. He tells you to walk with Him through the loss of a loved one. To offer hope where it doesn’t look apparent.

But God has it worked out. He is the unstoppable God with a perfect plan for freedom and life. He was then. He is now.


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