March 22: Trust God’s Plan

Read Exodus 5:1-20

“Um, Lord, I thought you called me to this.”

If we read between the lines, we can almost hear the quiver in Moses’ voice. Only his was a bit more extreme. “O Lord, why have you done evil to this people? Why did you ever send me?” (v. 22)

The Israelites wondered too. I mean, no less than one chapter ago, these same people had heard God’s promise for freedom delivered through Moses. And they believed it, bowing down and worshiping Him as a result. (See Ex 4:31.)

It had been the perfect way to send out Moses and Aaron to approach Pharaoh. “Let my people go, that they may hold a festival to me in the wilderness” (5:1). But Pharaoh would not have it. In fact, he doubled the work and decreased the resources.

Maybe you can relate, with the demands of your job. Work more but spend less. Oh, and by the way, you’ll have fewer manpower resources at your disposal.

Unreasonable. Impossible. That’s how the Israelites felt. God said He would deliver them, but His Word had only made things worse so far!

It’s easy to read this thousands of years after the fact and see the fickleness of the Israelites. To see God’s mighty hand working His plan in His perfect time and His perfect way. Because most of us know the story. We know how it ends. We know about the Red Sea walls they would eventually walk through. And the nation God would set apart and lead through the desert to the land He had promised their long-ago fathers.

But for the Israelites that day, and for Moses, it was horrible. They were in the thick of the battle. Desperately needing deliverance. Now.

Just one chapter ago, God had assured them that He was watching. He had seen the oppression. He had heard all their cries. He knew. And He was working a plan for their deliverance.

But first, He had some work to do. In Pharaoh. In Moses. In each one of them.

God has a plan for your freedom, too. Freedom to live the real, abundant life He made you for. Is He working to set you free from something even now? Maybe it looks dauntingly impossible. Rest assured, God has a plan for you. Just like He had a plan for them.


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