March 23: The Strength in Weakness

Read Exodus 6:1-12, 28-30

“. . . I speak with faltering lips . . .”

Perhaps it’s the key to this sixth chapter of Exodus. That Moses would dare utter these words to the very Creator of the lips with which he spoke. The words show up twice (verses 12 and 30), so they must be important.

So let’s talk about faltering lips today.

The Hebrew word is aral. It means uncircumcised. Instituted first by God in His covenant deal with Abraham (see Gen. 10), God required circumcision for all Abraham’s male descendants. It was to be a sign that they belonged to Him. A way for God’s children to be set apart from the rest of mankind.

Could it be that Moses believed his speech impediment kept him from being set apart as God’s mouthpiece? Maybe when Moses told God his lips faltered, he was saying something like, my lips — the way I talk — show no sign of Your hand. My speech does not represent you well. It doesn’t seem to mark me as the one who should speak for God. So how in the world is Pharaoh going to believe me?

But Moses didn’t realize that God shines best through broken, weak people. God speaks most clearly through stuttering lips. “For my power is made perfect in weakness” (2 Cor. 12:9).

Weakness and brokenness are two of God’s favorite places to shine His power.

All my life, I have struggled with fear. So when God called our family to a year-long adventure in small-town Germany five years ago, it would have made no sense for this scaredy-cat little American to go.

But my weak showed off His strong as He taught me about trusting Him and about the real living He designed for me, for all of us. Then He gave me the strength to write an manifesto about living unafraid. My brokenness proves His strength every time I encourage someone with the truth God is the only One worth fearing.

The truth is, when you and I are weak and broken, God gets to shine even bigger and brighter. There’s more room for Him to show off His amazing. That’s exactly what He did with Moses. It’s what He did with me. It’s what He wants to do in you, too.

Is there part of your life where you feel ill-equipped to follow God’s lead? Why not take this very moment to hand it over to God and let Him show off His strength?


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