April 5: Aaron, Miriam and the Call of God

Read Numbers 12

If anyone had the ability to push God’s buttons and anger Him to no end, it was the Israelites.

This time it was Moses’ siblings, Miriam and Aaron. Their pride got them in trouble. That and their mouths. Aaron and Miriam, wanted more credit than they were given. And they weren’t even the ones in charge. They wanted more authority. Their pride wanted more credit for the leadership they’d had a hand in. But they forgot that God was the One who granted authority.

Those seventy men He put His Spirit on to help Moses in chapter 11? They received authority from God’s hand alone. The directives of the Law? Straight from God to Moses. All those meetings in the tent? Yep. Only Moses got to meet with God face-to-face.

So who were Miriam and Aaron to complain about Moses getting all the credit.

How interesting that when Joshua tried to protect Moses’ authority by keeping it from others, (see 11:26-30) Moses was more than willing to let them that help lead. In fact, if Moses had it his way, he would have had all the people, every last one of them, prophesying by the Spirit of God.

But Moses wasn’t doing this for himself. His was not a self-appointed leadership. His leadership was entirely God-appointed. God had chosen Him, His special friend, a mighty leader through whom He would display His mighty hand.

I’ve been guilty of it. I see successful writers and speakers reaching hundreds of thousands of people with God’s Word and I wonder why that’s not me.

Maybe you can relate. Your boss has so much charisma, such prosperity, and he handles it so well. Why can’t you have it instead of him?

Here’s why: God gave me the job I have. He gave you the job you have.

Almighty God has ordained that you and I, His chosen people, do the work He has given us to do. His work, and the work of no other. God has picked you and me to do what He has planned for us to do. And He has chosen those other maybe more well-known or seemingly more powerful people to do what He has planned for them to do. Only by God’s had can any man have authority. To lead. To minister. To serve.

So do what He’s called you to do. Step up to the call He has for you and only you. And be glad for it.