April 8: What Korah Didn’t Know

Read Numbers 16

I can almost hear Moses talking to Korah and his rebel friends. You think I put myself in this role?!? You think I chose this job?!? Why in the world would I choose to lead you ungrateful, pride-filled people who constantly complain against me and whine?

Korah and the Levites had been set apart from the rest of the people. Separated for God’s work. To keep charge of the tabernacle. It was an awesome job, indeed. But Korah wanted more. He liked the idea of being in charge so he got some other Levites and leaders from around the camp and planned a coup.

They figured the job God had given them wasn’t enough.

If we are completely honest, most of us would admit having felt that way too.

You’re a mom who stays home with her small children, serving God by changing diapers, wiping noses, playing Go Fish thirty times a day. But you see another mom serving Him in a more prominent way. Maybe she leads a Bible study or writes bestselling books and goes on worldwide speaking tours.

You are recently retired, called to mentor young men in a Grace Group. But you’ve seen other retirees who seem to be changing the whole world in one fell swoop.

You lead a small lunchtime Bible study at work where you’ve seen God work. But your friend’s Bible study spawned another, then another, and now the whole company is experiencing spiritual revival.

It’s easy to forget that we were called by God, not ourselves. We lose sight of the truth that God alone is the One we serve. Not ourselves. He is the One who calls each of us according to His purpose and for His glory alone.

If Moses had appointed himself the leader, if Aaron had made himself the priest of Israel, then Korah’s plan would have totally worked. They could have grabbed the job of priests and run with all the authority they demanded. 

But God was the One doling out the leadership. He was the One who had given Korah and his family the job of surrounding the tabernacle. He alone had called each and every leader and given them the exact job He wanted to give.

So it wasn’t up to Korah to be used by God in a more prominent role. It wasn’t up to Dathan to take on a job with more power. It was up to God.

The same is true for you and me. The question is: Do you believe it?


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