April 14: Moses’ Legacy

Read Numbers 27

A new day was dawning. A new era lay just beyond that mountain. The mountain God would have Moses climb to look over the land he’d led Israel to inhabit. The land he knew he would never set foot on.

Eleazar and Joshua were God’s newly appointed men. The ones who would lead those two million feet into the Land of Plenty, conquering kingdoms for the LORD their God.

Aaron’s son and Moses’ protege.

I wonder what that day felt like for Moses.

To climb that mountain and look out upon that vast land. Knowing he could have had it, if only he’d held back his hand and used God’s holy Word to flow the water from that rock back at Meribah in Kadesh.

What was it like to commission another man to finish the job he had so hesitantly stepped into to. The roll he had been handed by God Himself and grown into over those forty years of wandering with God.

Did he feel excited for Joshua and the rest of the nation?

Moses had watched this generation grow up, been part of their upbringing.

Was he disappointed in himself still?

And what about Joshua? I wonder how Joshua felt taking on this commission for which God had now so clearly chosen him.

Did he wish it were different? Had he dreamed of stepping into that land next to Moses, his mentor?

Had they talked through specifics on those long walks through the wilderness? Had they trained for all the ways Joshua might lead? Had they strategized possible battles? Talked about other possible leaders?

No doubt Joshua was ready. He had been trained by the best of the best. The man with whom God spoke face-to-face. The one God had handed His Law to, produced water from rocks through, shown up for, hung out with. There can be no better training.

As desperately as Moses wanted to set foot onto that land, I imagine he was equally excited.

It was time for the people he loved and had led for those four decades to take the kingdom God had promised they would take.

Though Moses would not physically participate in the taking of the land, his legacy would. Because God had called him to it.

What kind of legacy will you and I leave, I wonder? Will it be one for which our children’s children can say “God led us to His place of promise through him (or her)?”



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