April 27: Parable of the Wedding Feast

Read Matthew 22:1-14

I have been to a few elaborate weddings and receptions over the years. Perhaps the most memorable of them was one held in Radolfzell, Germany. Following the beautiful ceremony, wedding guests enjoyed a reception aboard a ship that cruised for hours on Lake Constance. In addition to delicious food, we as guests also enjoyed beautiful views of the surrounding countryside including the Alps.

But there is coming yet a wedding and banquet that will cause the one I’ve just described to pale in comparison. God, our Father and King, is planning a wedding celebration for His Son, Jesus.

So who is invited? That’s an interesting question. Many invitations have already been extended. In fact, many of the guests that you would expect to see have declined the invitation. God sent the prophets of the Old Testament and even His own Son, the groom Himself, to extend the invitation to the people of Israel. But many not only declined the invitation, they even persecuted the messengers and killed the Son. After the death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus, apostolic eyewitnesses of the Son also went out with the message of invitation to the wedding feast. To accept the invitation was to accept the Son. But, once again, most of His own declined, rejecting Him and mistreating the apostles. In anger, God brought judgment on His own people through the destruction of their city Jerusalem and their temple in 70 a.d.

But the rejection of the Jews has allowed for the invitation of Gentiles. Although persecution of the messengers and opposition toward the King and His Son have continued, many have responded to this invitation over the last 2,000 years.

There is, however, an important distinction to be made. The response of potential guests is not always as simple as those who outright and perhaps violently decline in juxtaposition to those who wholeheartedly embrace. There are those who may think that they have properly RSVP’d only to discover their names are not on the list. You see, only those who have embraced the Son as Savior will be there to celebrate.

Have you responded with the only acceptable RSVP? Are you extending wedding invitations to others?


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