May 12: Parable of the Lost Coin

Read Luke 15:8-10

No matter who you are, you have shared at least some of the woman’s experience in this story of loss.

This is the second of three parables that Jesus gave in response to the grumbling comments of some. It seems that there were those who questioned His wisdom and spiritual insight as He spent time with people of reputation. Christ’s response included three stories of things lost: a story of a sheep, a story of a coin, and a story of a son.

Yes, we have been where this woman was. Perhaps it was not a silver coin, but it may have been money. Or maybe it was a billfold or a purse. Or have you have you ever lost your cell phone? The loss of something valuable brings along with it its own panic. It is a panic that grows as you retrace your steps and look in all of the logical places. Once you have exhausted all of the logical places, you are looking in the less logical places. Under your pillow? In the refrigerator? How about the trunk of the car?

But remember, Jesus is using this woman’s story and our familiar experience to illustrate the heart of God. He is pointing to the rationale behind His actions. Just as the woman searched desperately to find the coin . . . just as you looked high and low for your lost item . . . so too, He goes to great lengths in order to find lost people of all kind. Surely, you can understand that, can’t you?

There is one more dimension to the story. It is that sense of relief, even joy, that we experience when we find the lost item. Perhaps you didn’t quite call all of your friends and neighbors and throw a party the way the woman did, but you know how it feels. And Christ’s point to the muttering onlookers who were critical of Him as He spent time with people of reputation is that they should celebrate like the friends and neighbors.

Let’s close with two key questions:

  1. Are you one who is intent in the search for lost people?
  2. Are you one who joins in the celebration when lost people come to faith in Jesus?


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