May 14: Micah’s Message

Read Micah 1:1-16

Israel had forgotten. They’d forgotten that Yahweh is the Sovereign Lord over all the earth. They’d forgotten the God whom they served, the One who had delivered them from slavery, rescued them for a Land of Promise. He was the God who had chosen them to be His very own people.

Yes, they’d forgotten, and it had led to this. Idol worship. Prostitution. The Israelites had gotten sloppy in their remembering and their worship of the One True God and it led to all-out rebellion in the eyes of God.

That’s why He sent Micah to them. He wanted their attention.

Almighty God would not tolerate half-hearted sacrifice. The covenant He had sealed with His very own people clearly stated this. He demanded their whole-hearted, meaningful sacrifice and worship. No idols or things that might sneak in and steal the devotion of His people.

But they had broken their side of the deal and it needed to be dealt with.

So God sent Micah to get their attention. He would punish His people for their turning away. He would destroy their land, and they would see that this is serious.

Because forsaking Almighty God is not just sin, it is a horrible way to live. The Almighty Provider, the One who created life itself and brought His people to a place of safety, wanted only the best for them.

And, even though His people had dropped their side of the covenant deal, faithful God would keep His. After He got their attention, He would save for Himself a remnant of people whose hearts were inclined to Him. By grace, He would lead them to real life. In Him.

That same God hasn’t changed. Still faithful and almighty, God is still God. He takes it seriously when even one of us fails to acknowledge His Kingship. When we fail to keep His commands. So seriously, in fact, He killed His own Son to take care of the punishment for our failing.

The same God who got the attention of His people through His prophet Micah, wants our attention today. He wants us to know: this is serious! He wants us to know He’s taken care of the punishment. He wants us to know He loves us so much that He went to all this trouble to make sure we know.


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