May 15: Israel’s Broken Promises, God’s Unfailing Plan

Read Micah 2:1-13

They shared a covenantal relationship, Israel and Almighty God. Each had a part to fill, a promise to keep. God would call them His own, provide for them, bless them abundantly. The people of Israel would remember Him. They would worship only Him and humbly follow His ways.

But Israel had broken her part of the deal, and God was not happy. Those in powerful positions had taken advantage of the lower-standing. They’d overtaken areas of land which God had given them when He divided the land among His people.

They had forsaken God, proudly going about their lives as if nothing were wrong. But the truth betrayed their rebellion, and Almighty God would have none of it.

“Get up and leave, for this is not your place of rest, because defilement brings destruction — a grievous destruction” (v10)!

As if God had taken a nap and left the overseeing of life up to those with earthly power, the people of Israel did not keep their side of the covenant. They had forgotten that He is the God Who Sees. Almighty Yahweh God who loves to bless those who walk according to His ways. The Sovereign Lord whose plan it was to save those who would listen. A remnant of His people, whom He will lead.

Even as His people performed heinous acts of rebellion against the God who had saved them time and time again, God the Lord revealed His plan to break open the way to freedom and real life. Jesus Christ, their King and ours, would pass through the sin and the death and the dirt of all that shame, and He would lead His people.

“The Messiah will lead you out of exile . . . ” (v13).

You and I don’t live in that day. But Micah’s message resonates. Because our hearts tend to rebel against God’s ways too. We get lazy and forget who’s the Lord of our lives. We get prideful and think our way, just this once, is better than His.

And because of that rebellion, we need Jesus to step in. We need Jesus to lead us. The One who took the brunt of God’s wrath and conquered it by dying wants us to realize how much we need Him.


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