May 20: God’s Mercy in Justice

Read Micah 7:1-20

It’s bad. Turning away from God — it’s a terribly horrible way to live and it must be judged by the One True Judge. Because God is just and must deal with sin. He is true and will punish the rebellion of His people.

That’s what Micah the prophet has been saying to God’s people for seven chapters now. Israel had turned away from God, and He had plans to destroy their home and judge them as they deserved.

Then, inside their exile, they would find Him again with all His powerful mercy, ready to restore with a plan no one could have ever dreamed. No one but God Himself.

The name Micah literally means Who is like Yahweh? God had commissioned this man to point out that no one was like Him. Nobody was worthy to stand in His judgment and come out clean. Still, Micah himself knew his place. He knew his own not-like-God-ness.

That’s why He looked to God for his salvation. (See v7.)

Unlike his fellow Israelites who would endure God’s wrath, Micah let God provide the salvation he himself could not. The Israelites had convinced themselves that their ritual-following was their own righteousness. What they needed was to confess God’s righteousness.

Maybe you’re like me and have found the books of the prophets difficult to grasp. Maybe it’s because you and I have never had to face God’s wrath. We’ve never personally known a nation to face God’s destruction like the Israelites did.

Maybe we’ve forgotten the seriousness of what God did when He sent Jesus the Christ to take our place. Perhaps we’ve grown cold to the depth of the meaning of true mercy.

Every ounce of God’s promised justice is real. Rebellion cannot go unpunished. That’s why He took them through desolation and exile when Jerusalem was destroyed around 600 B.C. before rescuing them in their brokenness and saving them through His mercy.

And He will take the people of this world through its own destruction one day. He will call us to judgment and the only ones who will stand are those who have realized their own brokenness and need for the mercy He’s offered through Jesus Christ His Son.

So I come to the end of Micah’s prophecy convicted. And grateful. Because I know I will stand. Thanks to Jesus Christ the Son of God who took every ounce of God’s wrath for me. Are you with me? Will you be standing with me on that day?


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