May 22: The Object of His Love

Read Romans 5:1-21

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (v. 8).

Were you the one of the first ones picked for the team on the elementary school playground? One of the last ones? Somewhere in the middle? If you were middle to last, the team captain must have thought your athletic skills were lacking. Finally, though, out of necessity for the game to actually begin (perhaps only because the gym teacher or recess monitor insisted), you were “unconditionally” (but perhaps with a reluctant sigh and a roll of the eyes) selected for the team.

Translating that experience into God’s unconditional love for and selection of you for His “team,” we discover two things:

  1. You were even less worthy.
  2. God lovingly initiated our selection. (There was no rolling of His eyes or reluctant sigh.)

You were even less worthy of being on God’s team. The terms used are certainly not flattering. In verse 6, we are called “powerless,” unable to initiate and without anything to offer and “ungodly,” incapable of living up to His standard. In verse 8, we are called “sinners,” people who fall short of God’s perfect requirements. In verse 10, Paul refers to us as “enemies.” We were members of the opposing team bent on dishonoring God. Not only were there no good reasons why God should select us; but there were many good reasons God should not select us.

But God lovingly initiated our selection. Though we were powerless, ungodly, sinners, still Christ died for us. Though enemies, Christ’s death provided reconciliation. And rather than reluctantly surrendering Himself to this selection with a sigh and rolling eyes, God anticipated our need, and, out of love that we cannot fathom, He saw that provision was made.

That is contrary to our human experiences. There are no comparable parallels that allow us to say, “What we experience in the love of God is like . . .” It defies logic that we, though unworthy, are the object of such great love. Though it defies logic, it is the divine reality.

Bask in that love today!


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