May 23: Why He Loves Us

Read Deuteronomy 7:1-26

“The LORD did not set his affection on you and choose you because you were more numerous than other peoples, for you were the fewest of all peoples” (v. 7).

The Israelites were loved. So are you. But do you know why?

There is no doubt about it. The Jewish people, the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, have been a favored people from long ago. Throughout history, both distant and recent, they have experienced God’s protection in times of famine, exile, persecution, holocaust, and hatred. The fact that they are still in existence is proof of God’s divine intervention.

At the time of the book of Deuteronomy was written, this people had already experienced countless demonstrations of God’s faithful commitment to His promises. After more than 400 years of bondage in Egypt, He had rescued them and was returning them to the land He had guaranteed them. Once in the land, God had certain expectations of them. Their fulfillment of these expectations would continue to leverage dimensions of God faithfulness. In that regard, there were conditional elements to the covenant God had established with this people.

In spite of those conditional elements, God’s selection of these men and women was rooted in His sovereign and unconditional love. As pointed out in the above verse, God was not attracted to them because of their numbers. In fact, at the time that God chose them, they numbered two: Abram and Sarai (Genesis 12). He loved them and chose them . . . well, just because. There was no rational explanation. They did not deserve it.

As New Testament believers and members of the Church, the body of Christ, we are distinct from the Jews. But we do share something in common with them. We too, are the recipients of the sovereign, unconditional, even irrational love of God. We did not do anything to merit it.

Chances are, you have heard these statements about God’s unconditional love before, but they are worth repeating:

  • “I cannot do anything that will cause God to love me more.”
  • “I cannot do anything that will cause God to love me less.”

It is truly unconditional and irrational. And that is the kind of love the Father has for you and me.


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