June 23: Preach the Word

Read 2 Timothy 4:1-8

Paul was about to wrap up his thoughts for Timothy. He was about to wrap up his life, actually. So he wanted to make sure to emphasize the important stuff.

Preach the Word!

It was as if he were telling him, it’s gonna’ get hard. But remember the Word of God is central. Preach only the Word of God.

Even when the ones to whom you preach convince their friends you’re wrong. Convince them their way is better. That their doctrine is the right one. Especially then. Preach the Word. Even when they don’t want to hear it, and they like the lies better.

This is how you will bring others to the truth. God has called you, Timothy, to His work. He will use your ministry for His own glory, so don’t neglect any of it. Don’t forget those who do not yet know about Jesus and the real life He offers. Don’t get sucked in by the distractions and the lies. Fight the good fight.

Yes, I imagine Paul penning these words even as memories flowed. Like when he was beaten. The first time he was imprisoned. The road where Jesus met him. Peter, Cornelius. The churches full of brothers and sisters he had loved so much and given so much for. Timothy his son, the ministry in which Paul helped him begin.

I imagine Timothy reading the words from his spiritual father, eyes welling. Tears building. Emotion filling his very gut.

“I have finished the race” (v7).

I imagine the joy inside those tears as Timothy read further, to the part where Paul unwaveringly stated what he knew he would find on the other side of this life he was just about done with.

“Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness . . .” (v8).

Timothy knew that crown awaited him as well. And that’s how he could continue. That’s how he could remember the truth and remain in the Word. It’s how he could persevere the laser-focus task of spreading the truth even through the lies. It was the very hope on which Timothy himself stood. The hope for which he also fought. The hope that he would continue to preach. The Word of God.

The Word of God is the center of any ministry. Paul’s. Timothy’s. Pastor Nick’s. Clayton King’s. Beth Moore’s. Let us not forget. Preach the Word.


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