July 8: Abraham’s Sacrifice

Read Genesis 22:1-19

His story included unbelievable tests along the way.

Did God really ask what I think He did? As if reminding Abraham of the incredible value that Isaac had, He told this dad what we today can neither fathom nor expect to hear, “Take your son, your only son, Isaac, whom you love, and go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him there…” (Genesis 22:2). This was a test. Was Abraham’s trust in God implicit? I mean think about a couple of key questions that went unanswered.

1. “Who in his right mind would ask a father to sacrifice his son?”

2. “Just exactly how are you going to fulfill your promise of a nation through Isaac if he is no longer in the picture?”

We have no evidence that God provided an answer to question #2 in advance. By faith, however, he drew his own conclusion. Isaac had been the product of a miraculous birth. Beyond the age of childbearing, God had allowed Abraham and Sarah to conceive. Surely God could bring about a miracle at Isaac’s death…a resurrection. Thankfully, that wasn’t necessary. God provided a goat in Isaac’s place. That’s significant. God has a way of providing for those who obey Him by faith. There is a mountain, Mt. Moriah, whose name reminds us of that . . . and a goatskin that gives testimony to that.

As to question #1? Who in their right mind would ask a father to sacrifice his son? The same One, who as a Father, would later allow His own Son to be sacrificed. Motivated by extreme love for people like you and me, our Heavenly Father, gave His Son Jesus.

Caravaggio, “The Sacrifice of Isaac”

Abraham’s story was a foreshadowing of another Father/Son sacrifice . . . God’s miraculous provision for us. But though this sacrifice wasn’t interrupted in the final seconds, it ended miraculously. It ended in resurrection…the same outcome Abraham had anticipated for Isaac (Heb. 11:17-19)!

Abraham passed the test. He expressed confidence in God’s plan in spite of the unusual divine request. God’s plan to make a great nation through Isaac was not foiled. And God tipped His hand as He foreshadowed a day when He as a loving Father would allow His own Son to be sacrificed.


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