July 19: Broken Man, True God

Read Genesis 39:1-23

I wonder if Joseph figured the hard was done as he prospered in Potiphar’s house. Almighty God’s hand clearly upon him, did he start to think that being victimized by his brothers was as bad as it was going to get? I can’t help but wonder at the growth he must have experienced on that road to Egypt, now a slave at the mercy of men who purchased him from his own flesh-and-blood brothers. I wonder at the humility he must have gained as the Ishmaelites drew up the receipt for Potiphar’s newly purchased property — Joseph himself. I do not know these details. But two things are clear. The Lord was with Joseph, and he walked with God. Even as he prospered, Joseph followed the Him with clear conviction. “The LORD was with Joesph and he prospered” (v. 2).

That’s how, even as a 17-year-old man-boy who had no problems attracting the ladies, he was able to resist one of the most beautiful and powerful women in the land. “How could I do such a wicked thing and sin against God” (v. 9)?

I wonder if Joseph’s clear conviction blurred a bit on the way to prison, though. Did His strong commitment waver when he saw his master’s anger burn for believing his wife’s lies over the truth of Joseph’s God-honoring and proven character? I mean, he had literally run away for the sake of God’s honor. Still, Joseph found himself in prison with real thieves and true criminals. People like his brothers. Did Joseph think on that for a while?

Still, even in the dark, the One True God did not waver in His stance with Joseph. “(T)he LORD was with him; he showed him kindness and granted him favor in the eyes of the prison warden” (v.21).

God kept working His perfect and good plan in and through Joseph. Because God is good, even behind undeserved prison bars. The Bible does not tell us of Joseph’s internal or spiritual struggles. We don’t know the kind of doubts he chased away along with the rats in that dark jail cell, but one thing is clear. God remained with Joseph. “The LORD was with Joesph . . .” (v. 2). ” . . . (T)he LORD was with him . . .” (v3). ” . . . (T)he LORD was with him . . .” (v. 21)” ” . . . (T)he LORD was with Joseph . . .” (v. 23).

Joseph’s faith may or may not have wavered as he struggled through such unbelievable oppression, but Father God was always with him. Period.


The same is true for you and me. As God’s chosen children, those who trust Him to be the Lord of our lives, the LORD God Almighty never, ever leaves us. Not in the dirtiest prison cells or the darkest pits. Not in the deepest depression or the most hopeless unemployment. Even in the nastiest abandonment or shame, God is with you. And God is with me. Period.



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