July 21: Realizing God’s Faithfulness

Read Genesis 41:1-36

I wonder if Joseph realized that dreams with hidden meanings kept presenting themselves in his life. Did he notice the recurring life-theme of his unjust suffering? Perhaps he tried to reconcile that with the theme of God’s faithful presence and His gracious favor which kept putting him into positions of leadership time and time again.

Today we read about another dream. This time it was Pharaoh who had a dream that woke him up troubled and wanting some answers. So he called on everyone he knew who might be able to help. “(B)ut no one could interpret them for him” (v. 8).

As the most powerful man in Egypt, Pharaoh had access to every magician and wise man in the land, but none could solve the mystery except the man in prison named Joseph. The man who knew the One who gave the dream. The only person in the land able to help Pharaoh understand his own visions was the man who had been stuck in prison and forgotten for years.

Joseph was troubled, too, no doubt. Although looked upon with favor as the warden’s right-hand-man, the fact of his imprisonment remained. Unable to enjoy freedom because of the false accusations he’d landed when he followed God’s ways and refused to sleep with his boss’ wife. Stuck in the dark of captivity because of his brothers’ hate for him. Because of his own dreams.

Perhaps he sat contemplating such things the day the cupbearer finally remembered him. Perhaps that very morning, Joseph had asked God yet again when he might find real freedom. When his own dreams might come true. Perhaps he wondered if he’d wrongly intrepreted those dreams from so long ago in his father’s house.

Here’s the deal: Joseph had been forgotten by many people throughout his life. Time after time, he’d been let down by men. But never, not even one time, was he left alone or forgotten about by God.

It was proven the moment he entered Pharaoh’s presence and was asked to interpret his dream. I’m guessing at that moment, God’s ever-presence in this young man’s life became more clear to him than ever.

Have you ever had a moment like this in your own life? How has God shown His faithfulness in your life? Why not recount those moments today and thank Him for His faithful and enduring presence?


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