July 24: Prepared by God

Read Genesis 43:1-34

He saw it in a dream 20 years earlier. Back when he was the bratty little brother taunting his siblings with the truth that their father liked him best.

“Listen to this dream I had: We were binding sheaves of grain out in the field when suddenly my sheaf rose and stood upright, while your sheaves gathered around mine and bowed down to it” (37:6-7).

But Joseph was a different man now. He’d suffered through slavery and undeserved imprisonment, not to mention the trauma brought on by his own brothers’ hands. He’d become a servant, and not just a servant of men. God had made Joseph into His own servant, a man who truly feared and reverenced God. Yes, Joseph was a broken man full of humility.

So when the dream became reality and his brothers bowed down before him, not once but two times and in his own home, the realization that God had been in charge all along hit him with the strength of a truckload full of grain. “And they bowed low to pay him honor” (v. 28).

The man in control of Egypt’s abundant store fell to his knees before sovereign God Almighty even as his own brothers knelt down before him.

I imagine it played out altogether differently than Joseph had dreamed. You know, the details his mind filled in as he awoke post-dream that morning so many years before. Back when he thought it would be fun to have his brothers and his mom and dad bow down before him. Back before he was humbled by God and made into a true servant, the kind God could use in rulers’ houses, in prisons and in whole kingdoms.

God had spent all these years preparing Joseph for his dream to become reality.

Have you had dreams, not necessarily visions of God, but real-life God-given callings, for which you’ve had to wait crazy amounts of time? Have you questioned God’s seeming delay in bringing to pass the things He has promised when all the while, He was just making us ready?

Trust what God knows even as you wait for what He has promised.


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