July 29: Speak God’s Faithfulness

Read Genesis 48:1-49:27

He’d lived long, though not as long as his father Isaac or his father Abraham. He’d known pain and sorrow. Jacob had followed the God of his fathers, and now it was time to pass on the his faith legacy, the promises of God, to his offspring.

Laying on his deathbed, did Jacob recall the blessing his father Isaac had bestowed on him? Did he revisit every sordid detail of his own father’s blessing? The one he stole from his older brother? (See Gen. 27.) Surely, as Jacob lay there dying, he must have recalled certain vivid memories from his long life, like dots on a timeline. He must have thought through his years-long courtship with Rachel, the deceptive tricks he’d played on his brother Esau, the reconciliation they enjoyed those many years later. (See Gen. 25:19-47:31) I imagine all the importants points, however, were trumped by the reality of his beloved son Joseph’s return after 20-some years of thinking he was dead.

When Jacob called Joseph to his side, I imagine his joy must have overflowed. As he recalled God’s promise from long ago, His promise to increase Jacob’s people, he must have realized the over-abundance of getting to see not only Joseph again, but of getting to know his grandsons as well. Surely the abundance of the promise fulfilled was not lost in that moment. I imagine the blessing he spoke over Ephraim and Manasseh mixed with tears and poignant pauses. “May they be called by my name and the names of my fathers Abraham and Isaac, and may they increase greatly upon the earth” (48:16).

Then, when Jacob called the others and had them gather around, the depth of his insight shone clear as he blessed each according to who he knew them to be. Blessing after blessing, Jacob spoke to each of his offspring. Each one filled with promise. Each word a testimony to God’s faithfulness in the promise fulfilled.

I wonder if we have such eyes to see God’s faithfulness to His promises. Are you ready to speak of it in such a way that the words themselves give witness to His faithful hand. Are you looking for the ways in your own life in which God is already working to fulfill His promises? Why not start today?


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