August 20: The Rapture

Read 1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:4

One of the most intriguing book series I have ever read was Left Behind. I was fascinated to read about the end times through the perspective of the people left on earth. The books, while they kept my attention throughout, kind of caused my heart to sink realizing the characters were going through the Great Tribulation; the fear they must have been facing!

Matthew 24 tells us that Jesus will come back like a thief in the night. We don’t know the date or time. Some people will be unprepared. First Thessalonians 4 takes us through what’s called the Rapture. It tells us that those who have “fallen asleep” will be taken up first.

Throughout His earthly ministry, Jesus often referred to death as “falling asleep” which actually alludes to an awakening. The ones that have died will rise to meet Jesus in the clouds. Then the rest of us on earth will be taken up as well. We don’t know how this is going to look. All we know is that it will come when we least expect it.

Although death is often feared, those of us who follow Christ should not fear because we know what our future holds. Paul even tells the Thessalonian church in that after this account, they should comfort one another with these words. Death should be a celebration because we will be absent from our earthly bodies and present with the Lord and that is a most joyous feeling!

Are you ready? If the Rapture were to happen today, would you be left behind? Are you afraid of being left behind? Do you want these words pertaining to the Rapture to be an encouragement to you? They can be if you will trust your life to Jesus and believe in Him for the forgiveness of your sins. Having Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior will give you absolute assurance. Instead of fearing the end,  you can look forward to it, knowing that, in the blink of an eye, you will be face to face with your Savior.


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