August 22: Resurrection Bodies

Read 1 Corinthians 15:35-58

As a widow stands by a fresh grave, what gives her hope for her spouse? When a young couple finds out they lost their baby, where do their thoughts drift? How can the disabled look forward to life after death? The answer is simple: resurrected bodies. As Christ-follwers, we believe when we are resurrected after death, we will receive heavenly bodies. (See v. 49.)

How can God cause this to happen? Paul called the Corinthians “fools” for questioning how God can do what only He can do. The Bible defines “fool” as someone who doesn’t take God into account. This is the God who created the universe out of nothing, the very God that destroyed entire cities with just a command. God has the power to do the miraculous.

“What will we look like in our resurrected bodies?” The Bible only gives us a few hints as to our resurrected appearance. We are told in verse 49 that we will “bear the image of the heavenly” and verse 53 tells us we will be immortal. However, there will be some resemblance to our earthly bodies. Jesus, upon resurrecting, showed his hands and feet to His disciples. Outside of that, we really don’t know what we will look like, only that we will be heavenly and perfect.

Paul, using the seed analogy in verse 36, explains the resurrection of the heavenly body deeper. When you plant a wheat seed, does that seed acome out of the ground in the same form? Of course not! A wheat stalk comes out of the ground. In the same way, when believers are buried, the same will not come out of the ground; instead a new created being will arise. This being will be immortal and heavenly and we need to keep hope in that.

God is intentional in His creation and made you right the first time. He does not mess up. Genesis 1:26 tells us God created each one of us in His own image, and that is perfection. He made us to resemble Him and we should take great pride in that. Verse 50 tells us that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of Heaven. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are going to be resurrected by God’s power to immortality so we can spend eternity with God!


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