August 24: Wedding Supper of the Lamb

Read Revelation 19:1-10

What if your marriage carried an even greater significance than you thought? What if God were communicating something, revealing some significant truth through marriage? Throughout Paul’s ministry, He often referenced the marriage of Jesus to the Church. (See 2 Corinthians 11:2, Ephesians 5:23.) When two people get married, they are said to become “one flesh.” When we, as the Church, are “married” to Christ, we become one with Him; we are one with Jesus.

Throughout history, God has manifested Himself in different ways. In the Old Testament, God was physically present; Moses had conversations with God the Father. The Bible tells us that Jacob wrestled with God. (See Genesis 32.) In the New Testament, God manifested Himself in human form, Jesus. He was physically present with man so they could hear the words of God audibly spoken by God in human form. Throughout His ministry, He spoke of another manifestation of God that would come after He left them. A week after Jesus ascended into Heaven, God, in the form of the Holy Spirit, came. Now, anyone who believes in Jesus Christ and trusts Him as Savor has the Holy Spirit inside of them. We have God in us.

However, in the day to come, we, the Church, will be present with God Himself. There will be no need to rely on the Holy Spirit inside of us to translate our prayers because God will be there, with us! In Revelation 19, we learn of a time in which the Church will gather around a table and share a meal with Jesus. The exciting news is that all of our worries will be gone because we will be present with the Lord.

In verses 7-8, we are told that the bride “has made herself ready” and verse 8 tells us we will be clothed in our righteous acts. These are actions that are righteous and bring glory to Christ, not just any actions that may be self-righteous and bring glory to ourselves. The bottom line, we will wear wedding garments made by our own hands.

Are you storing up for yourself treasures in Heaven? (See Matt. 6.) Are you thinking eternally rather than temporally? Do you find yourself being self-centered in your actions? Do you need to honor God more through your actions? The wedding supper will be an awesome event. How are you preparing?


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