August 26: Resurgence of Israel

Read Romans 11:1-36

Why do you have salvation? What would you say if I told you that in Matthew 15:24 Jesus said that He only came for the lost sheep of Israel? The people of Israel are God’s chosen people. He loves them, and Christ’s earthly ministry was primarily directed toward them. Think of all they had going for them: the God of the universe loved them and wanted them to enter into eternity with Him. And yet, reading the gospels will quickly reveal that the Jews largely wanted nothing to do with Jesus as their Savior, and the Messiah.

During the early days of the Church, the apostles’ ministry was also directed toward the “lost sheep of Israel.” However, the Jews continued rejecting Jesus as the Messiah, and in Acts 13:46, Paul told the Jews that, because they consistently rejected Jesus as the Messiah, he was now turning his focus to the Gentiles. You and I now have the opportunity to inherit eternal life and become God’s children. The Jews rejected Christ and you and I have benefitted from it.

Throughout history, the Jews have been viewed as antagonistic to the Gospel. They constantly sought to eliminate threats to their religion. In Romans 11:1, however, Paul describes how God has not rejected them as a people. What a display of grace! The very people that rejected Him and crucified Him, He has NOT rejected. Romans 11 talks about how, even though they discarded Christ and were enemies to the Gospel, they will be revived and saved as a nation. This is not to say every single Jew will be saved, but the nation of Israel will be reconciled to Christ.

Verse 12 is key; “. . . but by their transgression salvation has come to the Gentiles, to make them jealous.” God intended the Jews to become jealous because they blew their chance at salvation by rejecting both Jesus and Paul. After all, it was because of their rejection we have been offered eternal life. Are you living a life worth being jealous of? Do people look at your life and want to emulate it? Are you showing Jesus to people? If you aren’t living this way, remember that it was only by the grace of God that salvation has been offered to all.



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