August 27: Satan During the Tribulation

Read Revelation 12:1-17

Left Behind, the movie starring Nicholas Cage, actually portrays the Rapture well. Perhaps you saw it a few years back. It was breathtaking. Out of nowhere *FWOOP* millions of people are instantly taken off this earth and into Heaven. At the end of the movie, the characters stand overlooking a burning city. One says, “Well I’m glad that’s all over”.

“No,” another responds, “it’s only the beginning.”

The Rapture, indeed, is only the beginning because after the rapture comes the Tribulation. The Tribulation is a big act in the play of the end times. Some may ask, “What about the Prince of Darkness?” If God is taking out his wrath on the earth, where is Satan during all this?

Revelation 12 gives us a very specific account of Satan’s actions both during the Tribulation and throughout history. As he was powerful over the course of history, he will be equally powerful in the end times. The reality is, during this time, Satan WILL have the power to be quite active in the world, persecuting and torturing the entire human race.

Another scene in the chapter occurs in Heaven. There is a great battle and the dragon is ultimately thrown out. Think of this as the war of the 4th dimension. Everything you cannot see, the entire spiritual realm, is up for grabs. As you sit reading this devotional, there are armies of angels protecting you from the influence of demons. In all reality, there is a war going on in your very room, a war for your soul. Revelation 12 shows us the climax of this war and, at the end of it, Heaven comes out victorious.

If you die without trusting in Jesus, the chaos of billions vanishing at the Rapture will soon subside, but that will be just the beginning. The darkest time the world will have ever known comes next. Satan will be unleashed to do his worst on the earth. If you have yet to place your trust in Jesus for your forgiveness, now is the time to begin your relationship with Him. If you are a Christ-follower, I am sure you know people who don’t know Jesus. What are you doing to reach them before it’s too late? To everyone, God offers a free gift of salvation that will get you out of the Tribulation.


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