August 29: The Judgments

Read Revelation 5:1-6:2, 8:1-7 , 16:1-12

What makes the Tribulation so horrible and so epic is the series of judgments the God of Heaven completes on earth. These judgments are divided into three groups: seals, trumpets, and bowls. With each seal that is broken, trumpet that is blown, and bowl that is poured out on the earth, a specific judgment occurs. While these judgments may sound strange, they are to be taken very literally. These judgments are going to make up the worst event that has ever happened to the people still on earth. They are going to be victims of God’s wrath with no way out.

With there being exactly seven of each judgment, it tells us that this account of the absolute destruction of the entire world is real and far worse than we could ever imagine. The fact that each group of judgments includes seven more judgments plays a significant role in the end times. The number seven is significant in the Bible. It often refers to perfection or completion.

The application of these judgments comes during the last half of the bowl judgments. The people are experiencing extreme pain caused by sores on their bodies as well as the severity of God’s wrath. Yet, in verses 15:9 and 11 we are told that,  through it all, they will not repent of their sins. Remarkably, unbelievably, until their final breath, there will be people who will not repent and will not put their trust in Jesus.

If you trust in Jesus as the One Messiah, the Way, the Truth and the Life, the forgiver of your sins, you will not have to experience the horrid judgment that John writes about and describes here in the book of Revelation. While most of this appears harsh on God’s part, this is His righteous wrath. Sin against a holy God requires the judgment of a righteous God.

All of us reading this understand that there are consequences for rejecting Jesus. Yet some people, even in their dying breaths, will reject Him. If you have not yet trusted Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins, trust Him now. If you know Him, ask God to use you to testify about Him to others who are without hope.


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