August 31: The Time of His Return

Read Matthew 24:1-51

In the end times, even after the Tribulation there will be many who will wage war with God and still curse the name of Jesus – that is, until He comes in the clouds and they see Him face to face.

Matthew 24 tells us of Jesus’ glorious return and offers warning signs so we are not led astray. People will insist they know the time of Jesus’ return. People will claim to be Him. Rumors of wars will spread, and wars will be rampant throughout the world. However, the Scriptures are the only true source addressing the end times. We can find encouragement in verse 6 when Jesus tells us not to be worried because of all the chaos that will take place.

We are given a glimpse of what the Tribulation will be like for the Jews, “. . . such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will.” In this time, there will still be people who mislead others by performing miraculous signs as evidence of their supposed divinity. “Behold,  I have told you in advance,” Jesus says, so they are not led astray.

There will be no greater joy for Christians than when we get to be with Jesus. First Thessalonians 4:17 says at the Rapture we will spend eternity with Him. Is there any greater joy? For others, even if they have been led astray, they will have to suffer through the Tribulation. If they still haven’t turned to Christ, His glorious return, which occurs after the Tribulation, will again catch them off guard.

There will also be no question that they waited too long. It will be too late. After the Tribulation, Jesus will return to take up His new believers. No matter how long you wait, no matter how much time you think you have, before you know it, the Tribulation will be upon you. At that point, guilt will come flooding over you because you will then realize you waited too long.

Don’t allow yourself to be misled. Jesus is coming and when He does, there will be no question. You will want to be with Him then! Either you will be overjoyed or you will be filled with regret. Jesus is waiting for you today with open arms. He wants you to accept His forgiveness and make Him the Lord of your life. Don’t put it off. Secure your eternity today.


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