September 2: Satan Bound

Read Revelation 20:1-6

After His great victory at the Battle of Armageddon, Jesus will lay hold of Satan and will bind him for 1,000 years. Once again, we find Jesus victorious over evil. The Son of Man on that white battle horse (symbolizing both war and victory) is too much for Satan to handle.

Throughout our study of the end times, it is very important to know that victory has already been achieved. This is a common theme throughout the Bible and it is one that we should focus on today. When Jesus rose from the grave, He conquered death. Satan has already been crushed. (See Gen. 3:15.) In the End Times, we will see that the future has already been decided.

There is never a time in which God is out-witted or out-maneuvered by Satan. There is never a time when Satan is more powerful than God. He will never have the upper hand. Throughout the entirety of the gospels, Jesus specifically shows His power over evil.

In Matthew 8, we find demon-possessed men pestering Jesus. The demons asked Jesus that, if He was going to cast them out, he send them into the pigs feeding nearby. They already knew that Jesus was more powerful than they were. He had control over where they would be sent. In any other circumstance, they would do it themselves, but in the presence of God they had to ask permission.

In the gospels, in the epistles, in the Old Testament and even in the End Times, Satan will never win. Consistently, God has and will display His power over evil. Allow this to encourage you whenever you feel life getting too hard for you. Maybe you are strongly tempted or you are really struggling with something; maybe you feel like your life is spiraling out of control. Know this: God has both the interest and the ability to deal with your problems. God knows where you are and what you’re going through. Better yet, He has the ability to see you through. The very God that will throw Satan himself into the abyss and will conquer all evil once and for all is the God that personally wants to have a relationship with you. He knows you. He loves you. And He wants nothing better than for you to succeed!


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