September 5: Satan’s Release and Doom

Read Revelation 20:7-10

In the first part of Revelation 20, we read about the Millennium. This will be a time in which God will rule the earth with man while Satan is bound. Life will be as God designed it. At the end of this time, I can’t even imagine what life will be like! Just finishing your 1,000th year living WITH God and no evil. Life is truly perfect.

Then, Satan will be released from the abyss only to tempt the nations yet again. Often after great times in our lives, temptation seems to make a way into our hearts or minds. When someone gives their life to Christ, they are on cloud nine. They know Jesus and they believe that the rest of their life is going to be nothing but great. Then comes the next day when Satan tempts them with their past. They then discover that giving God control actually means total surrender. Doubt can creep into our thinking. But we do not only experience this as new believers.  People can come back from missions trips feeling pumped up to serve the Lord, only to have that fire quickly extinguished.

Why would this happen? God knows that you are the most susceptible to temptation when you’re at the highest point in your life. During the last days of the Millennium, God seems to be testing the true allegiance of those in His kingdom. Are you really dedicated to Him? When life gets hard are you going to fall back to yourself or step out in faith? Sure life is good without evil, but when it’s allowed back into your world, how are you going to react?

Reading about Satan’s release could cause one to question God’s intentions. What we must remember is that where we are inadequate, God is adequate. Where we are flawed, God is flawless. Satan’s “glory” is quickly diminished and He is once-and-for-all thrown into the Lake of Fire for eternity. Through all the temptation and evil in this world, we need to remember that God still has the power over evil and He always will!


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