September 7: New Heaven and New Earth (Part 1)

Read Revelation 21:1-27

The story of the human race has been completed here in this final chapter of Revelation. Believers have been raised, judged, and given resurrected bodies. Satan, the great deceiver, has finally been defeated. There is no more sin and everything stands perfect.

Now what? The last two chapters of Revelation tell us about the eternal state. When the Bible tells us we will be with God for eternity (1 Thess. 4:17), tt means just that, for a time longer than our minds can comprehend. We will be one WITH GOD! I can’t even imagine what this is going to be like!

Revelation 21 talks about the New Jerusalem that will be established. After all the events of the End Times have taken place, the entire universe will be wiped away and the eternal state will be ushered in. The first half of the chapter describes the kind of relationship we will have with God. How we will be one with Him and He will be living among us!

John speaks in verses 10-27 about the New Jerusalem descending from Heaven onto the earth. The city is said to be made of pearls and jasper stones and the commonly known streets of gold. Because gold was the purest thing they had at the time, this is likely saying that the streets will be crystal clear, not literally gold (v. 21).

This devotional cannot fully describe the glory of the eternal state! We will be in the New Jerusalem with God! The chapter tells us no sun or light will be needed because the glory of the Lord will illuminate the city!

Are you going to be celebrating in the New Jerusalem? Time is running out, so do not allow yourself to be caught off guard. Trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins! I would love nothing more than to be celebrating with you all for eternity! Will you join me?


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