September 8: New Heaven and New Earth (Part 2)

Read Revelation 22:1-21

In this last chapter of Revelation, John describes two very important details of the new Heaven. A crystal clear river flows from the throne of God. It matches the crystal like quality of the city itself. The river then irrigates the tree of life with twelve kinds of fruit.

These two details carry great symbolism. These are two fulfillments of Old Testament prophesies: Tree of Life in Genesis 3 and the river flowing out from the New Jerusalem in Ezekiel 47 all the way to the Dead Sea. God is still showing His power over death, even in the eternal city. The street referenced in verse 2 refers to a “great street” that will run through the middle of the city. The river of life not only comes out of the actual throne of God, but it runs through the middle of the eternal city so everyone can see it. Where the bodies of the two witnesses lay will be the same area where the river will flow.

The river then flows into the tree of life, which is symbolic of the tree in the Garden of Eden. It was the tree God intended for good with Adam and Eve and He uses it in eternity as a focal point in the new Heaven.

At the end of the chapter, and of the entire book, the angel confirms that all his visions were both inspired by God and accurate. They are so serious about this that the angel tells John if anyone adds anything, the plagues of this book will be upon them. Likewise, if anyone takes words out of this book, their name will be taken out of the Lamb’s Book of Life.

It is in this state that we will reign with God for the rest of eternity. Life will be perfect. There will be no more tears, no more pain, and, best of all, no more sin. The story of the human race will have been completed and we will be living in a perfect city with a perfect God in a perfect eternity. I can’t wait!


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